FJK Law Office

Fee Information

Are you worried about hou much we will charge you?

About the fee:

 The Bar Association’s regulations on a lawyer’s fee were abolished at the end of March, 2004. As it is difficult for us to set a fee without any standard, the figures in these former regulations will be used as a basis for calculation.
 However, since a lawyer’s fee can vary considerably, depending on the scale of the case, its degree of complexity, etc., this standard is not always applicable. Therefore, the client and us will have to consult each other to figure out the fee, on a case-by-case basis.
 Typical rates are as follows:

1.Legal counsel
¥ 5,250 per 30 minutes
2.Consulting fee
Corporation ¥52,500 or more per month, depending on the quantity of consultation, company scale, etc.
Non-corporation ¥5,250 or more per month

※As a rule, once a consulting contract is made, oral consultation will not be charged regardless of its quantity.

3.Civil trial

The fee consists of a deposit and a remuneration: A deposit, the fight money, so to speak, is to be paid when the case is taken up, and is not affected by the resulting success or failure. On the other hand, a remuneration is to be paid in accordance with the degree of our success in the case; therefore, no remuneration will be generated in the case of absolute failure on our side.
Both amounts are determined on the basis of the economic benefit each case will bring us.

Amount of the economic benefit Deposit Remuneration
¥3,000,000 or less 8% 16%
Over ¥3,000,000 up to ¥30,000,000 5% 10%
Over ¥30,000,000 up to ¥300,000,000 3% 6%
Over ¥300,000,000 2% 4%

For example, in the case of a lawsuit to collect a loan of 10,000,000 yen, a standard deposit will be 590,000 yen, and if the entire sum is successfully collected, the remuneration will be 1,180,000 yen. However, these amounts can vary according to the degree of difficulty and other factors. Therefore, a substantial amount of reduction is possible depending on the case.