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Office Name
FJK Law Office
Yodoyabashi-Hirai Bldg. 6F
1-11, 3-chome, Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Hiroaki FUJIKI
Place of Birth: Awaji-shima, Hyogo, Japan
October 1, 2006
Graduated from the Law Department (law course)
of Osaka University.
Business Experience
After working as a judicial scrivener (registration, witnessing of real estate transactions);
April 1997
   Enrolled in the Osaka Bar Association;
   entered Kansai Sogo Law Office.
End of September 2006
   Resigned from Kansai Sogo Law Office
   (after seven and a half years of service)

A view from the office

Office Map
Office Map
A 2 minute walk east from Exit No.1 (northernmost)of Yodoyabashi Station on the Midosuji line
Keihan line
Immediately to the east (on the left) from Exit for Shima Bldg. (14-B) of Yodoyabashi Station
Our office is located in the nine-storied building facing Hiroshima Bank.
Maritime arbitrator of the Japan Shipping Exchange, inc. Maritime counselor.
Qualified as judicial scrivener, maritime scrivener, public notary and real estate sales person.
Passed the STEP Test in Practical English Proficiency of Pre-1st grade & French Proficiency Test (DAPF) of Pre-1st grade.
Also qualified as first-class small-size ship operator.
Member of the Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
Member of the Management Lawyers Council.
Member of the Franco-Japanese Law Society.
Member of the Japan Maritime Law Society.
Member of the Air Law Institute of Japan.
Member of the Franco-Japanese Association.